Monday, 19 March 2018

Beers Of The World

I had so much fun putting this card together for my son's birthday. Bubble Over dictated what his gift would be this year, particularly as he is the most difficult person I know to buy a gift for. Watercolor paper saturated well and coloured with Tranquil Tide and Lemon-Lime Twist made a pleasing background.

A few weeks ago when I went searching for the beers, I found out that these are an item usually only stocked at Christmas time. Luckily, the store manager I spoke to had a feeling he had some at his other store, gave them a call and then reduced the price dramatically for me.

I delivered a number of birthday gifts to that household this weekend just past, all overdue unfortunately. It's a shame they live nearly 2 hours drive away, and have so many sporting obligations. I also found out that my daughter-in-law has kept every card I've made for my 5 year old grand-daughter, that's 6 cards. I was so touched that she does that, definitely makes it worthwhile being a card maker.

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